As a young family with small children and a mortgage we never dreamt that we could afford an investment property but since we met you guys the...

Ned & Michelle - Sydney NSW

Are you interested in
             investing in property but....

  • Are unsure where to start? 
  • Don't want to go through the hassle of finding the right property, arranging the right finance, dealing with solicitors, quantity surveyors, property managers and real estate agents...
  • Want to legally minimise your tax and create wealth for a comfortable future?
  • Want to ensure the property you purchase is affordable so it minimises your financial exposure?
  • Want to deal with someone you can trust, who can help you secure not just a great investment, but a whole portfolio?

.....Then you need Lynx Network

We assist our members to establish affordable and profitable Property Investments to accumulate wealth for a comfortable future.

Lynx Network provides its members with an end to end property investment solution, from selecting the right property all the way through to settlement and beyond.

Our goal is to not only source quality properties for all of our members, but to also make the experience of purchasing an investment portfolio as rewarding and hassle-free as possible. **




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