After my divorce I thought that I would not be able to enter the property market again given my circumstances. Happily, I was totally wrong. My...

Peter - Sydney, NSW

The Strategy

The Lynx Network strategy works to allow you to build a superior property investment portfolio to secure your future and fund your retirement. Put simply you use the equity in your home to purchase investment property. If you don't currently own a home, that is not a barrier to obtaining your first property.

There are many options now available to first time purchasers and a consultant from Lynx Network will be happy to outline a purchase plan suited to your particular circumstances.

When you invest in property you have ongoing rental returns, which increase your net income. Banks are well disposed to lend based on the consistent rising of property values, while your tenants are helping to pay a good proportion of the costs. When you combine this with negative gearing and depreciation of your property  it makes for a compelling  investment strategy.

Building a strong investment property portfolio is not a get rich quick scheme. We believe that "time in the market" is just as important as "market timing". We know that in order to make a responsible and successful property investment you will need a lot of information.

When you become familiar with our strategy you will see how easy it is to ensure that you have a strong investment property portfolio for the future which will ultimately result in a lifestyle retirement and not just a basic standard of living.

We can show you how to achieve this much sooner, by having your money work smarter and harder for you.

Lynx has assisted buyers from all over Australia by offering superior investment opportunities with excellent returns, throughout our targeted areas.

Our focus is to provide our clients with the tools, information and property to enable them to achieve their goals through property investments.



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