After my divorce I thought that I would not be able to enter the property market again given my circumstances. Happily, I was totally wrong. My...

Peter - Sydney, NSW

About Lynx Network

Lynx Network is a professional services organisation with a stress free strategy to facilitate the locating, purchase and management of investment property to achieve capital growth and provide future financial security and an income stream in retirement.

By monitoring property market trends and general economic factors, Lynx Network has an on-going capacity to identify profitable geographic locations for property investment.

This complex environment combined with the regulatory framework imposed by Local, State and Federal agencies requires a professional multi-disciplinary approach to property purchase for investment to ensure a maximum return.

With all forms of investment, it is fundamental to successful investing that you obtain high quality
information. This applies equally to every aspect of the process of purchasing and then managing your investment properties on an ongoing basis.

We assist our members to establish affordable and profitable Property Investments to accumulate wealth for a comfortable future.

Lynx Network provides its members with an end to end property investment solution, from selecting the right property all the way through to settlement and beyond.

Our goal is to not only source quality properties for all of our members, but to also make the experience of purchasing an investment portfolio as rewarding and hassle-free as possible. **



The information contained within this website is used to illustrate and explain the key issues when purchasing investment property. Any information contained herein is generic and is not to be misconstrued as financial planning advice. All information is provided in good faith, however no liability will be accepted for errors or omissions howsoever caused.